DHIS2 Report SQL Quary Enhancement

Hi,everyone, my partner and I are working on the DHIS2 Report SQL Quary Enhancement Project that is created by @maurya. We plan to create a reusable SQL Query layer that will allow the users to create new queries based on previous queries. We really need some help on the details of this project. If anyone is familiar with the DHIS2 module and is interested in related field, please contact us! Thank you! We could really use some help. Here’s the link of the project.


@arunima @jamesm

Hello @maywu,

Thank you for the interest, I would be glad to help, I did respond to your email. Please let us know what help or what questions you have about the project?

Hi, glad to hearing back from you. We are experiencing issues trying to open the DHIS2 Reporting module. Should we download and set up the DHIS2 Server on our computer before the site would appear on openMRS website?