DHIS2 + OpenMRS Integration: Anyone with a use case?

Dear Community,

Thanks to a number of in-person events this year, I’m delighted to announce the DHIS2 interoperability team will be meeting with our Global Product Support team / FHIR squad reps very soon to discuss in more detail how DHIS2 and OpenMRS could create easier integration specifically via FHIR. (eg See DHIS2 & FHIR website here.)

We are specifically looking for any real-world use-cases to help encourage this initiative and show there is tangible demand.

Please share here if you can think of any real-world use cases where you’d want to see easier, FHIR-based integration (rather than using e.g. the 1:1 integration folks do now) with DHIS2 ↔ OpenMRS.

Thank you!

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