DHIS report Module release requests

Hello All,

I have been recently working on the dhisreport module. I have completed all the requirements mentioned by Bob, and it was even tested by him. I need your assistance regarding a few issues about it

  1. The module is presently a branch under the hispindia username https://github.com/hispindia/dhisreport/tree/shr, and Bob mentioned he would like it to remain there itself as it is a part of hispindia’s code. Is it fine to release a module in openmrs module repository that is not a part of openmrs github code repo?
  2. If yes, Can anyone help me with the process to be followed?Also the code version I am working is of 1.1-snapshot, but it is being released first time in openmrs module repo, is it better to release it as 1.0 version or 1.1 as the version ?

I will be posting the link to the wiki in the mailing list soon.

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Is there any update on this topic of what need’s to be done to get this module released officially. The documentation is also ready https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/DHIS+Report+Module+-+SHR+Customized+Version.

Thank you, Maurya

Hi Maurya,

  1. Yes it is fine to release a module in the openmrs module repository that is not part of the openmrs github repository.

  2. Instructions for the process can be found at: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Maven+Release+Process Releasing it as version 1.0 would create confusion with another release which was done before advancing to 1.1-snapshot. So let this be version 1.1

@dkayiwa, I think what @maurya meant was about the module repository and not maven repository. There was discussion a while ago to automate the process of deploying to maven repo automatically from the module repo. @elliott, do you have that feature on the roadmap?

Hi @dkayiwa thank you for your reply, as @sunbiz mentioned I was asking about the module repository, I apologize as I was assuming it to have a process, we can directly upload modules through modulus webpage.