DHIS - Bahmni Integration Module Installation Error in Bahmni v0.92

Hello everyone,

My team and I in Lesotho are working on integrating Bahmni (0.92) with the national DHIS2 server used for aggregated reporting.

We are exploring the use of dhis-bahmni integration module by Possible Health.

We are experiencing difficulties installing the module in Bahmni 0.92 inside a local vagrant-based instance. The given installation instructions are targeted at 0.89 and earlier versions and the guide states that the module is not bundled in the Bahmni distributions as of v0.92.

Kindly assist:

  1. Is there anyone who has successfully installed this module in v0.92?
  2. Besides the dhis-bahmni integration module, are there any other solutions that you can recommend?

Thank you in advance.

Khobatha Setetemela

Update: I managed to install the dhis-bahmni integration module by building it from this source.