Development of a new module

Hello community! I am completely new to OpenMRS development but I would like to create a module which simply put allows a user to select medical data from a certain patient and creates a text document on the basis of a predefined template, where only the selected medical data and the patient data is added. Furthermore this text document should then be downloadable for further usage.

My first question here is: Is there a similar module already? Or maybe a collection of modules that could serve this purpose?

I already have successfully setup a local instance of a reference application and created and deployed a basicexample module via the OpenMRS SDK. I also had a look at this Creating Your First Module but could not finish the tutorial, because the naming of some classes and interfaces are different than in the created module and Eclipse threw multiple errors when I tried to work my way around.

My second question is: Is the guide to create the helloworld module is still up to date respectively is there a newer tutorial to follow? If this is the latest guide and should be working I will gladly try it again!

Any help is welcome! Thank you!

Take a look at this: How to create a Patient Clinical Summary using Reporting Module - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki


Thank you for your answer, I will read through the wiki page! It looks very promising!

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Is it best to use the HTML Form Entry Module to create a custom report, where the patient data can be filled in and then the Reporting Module to export them in the desired format? Thanks again!

@michaelschon i think this is fine

Is it possible to select the patient details and the desired data (in my case medical diagnoses) via the HTML Form Entry Module Module and somehow include them into a custom report? Maybe by sending the filled form to the Reporting Module and insert the data into a predefined report. Or even simpler is it possible to create reports directly from a filled form in the HTML Entry Form Module?

I want to create a kind of a doctors notice with a custom format for patients to take home, not a list of occurrences or something like that. I studied the Wiki pages of the two Modules but could not find a suitable way to define a custom report where I can integrate the data how I want to.