Development Environment in a Virtual Appliance


About two years ago a group I was in helped create a premade development environment as a virtual computer/appliance .ova file to load into VirtualBox. I use this in a class I teach for my students so they don’t have to try to setup their computer for OpenMRS development (which for many can be a stopping point toward any further contributions).

That version is about 2 years old now, and I’m thinking about creating a new one. My first question (well, ok the first question should be is this desirable for the community, but I kinda hope it is) is should I create it as a 32-bit VM or a 64-bit? I guess I’m wondering if there are enough interested developers still using a 32-bit computer to not do this as a 64-bit VM.

Any thoughts or ideas about this?


Hi @howardf64,

We’re glad that you are working on this, I think you might have to make the choice but I believe most devs use 64bit machines.

Question, does the virtual appliance come with an IDE?

And by the way, are you aware of this?

@wyclif Yes, I will be configuring Eclipse as the IDE following the instructions in the wiki (which seams to be down at the moment)

@dkayiwa I am aware of the SDK, but I’ve never installed it myself. I do plan on doing that for this project as well. I had a student install that last semester, and I have his notes on that, which I hope will help make sure I get everything right.

I’m keeping notes of what I’m doing to create this, and what a user of the .ova file will need to do once they get started using it.

@dkayiwa About installing the SDK

It looks like from this page, the only thing I really need to do is install the sdk with:

mvn org.openmrs.maven.plugins:openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:setup-sdk

It looks like the rest of the page is usage information and other things that would very much be different for each developer. Would you suggest I do anything else on that page for the system I’m creating?

Then returning to, would I just need to setup the server (Step 1), since the individual modules used would again be different for each developer?

I must confess I know very little about modules (I need to learn that, I know, maybe over winter break!), so I’m not as sure how to proceed with this part. (Setting up the environment for openmrs-core isn’t a problem.)



I think what @howardf64’s appliance has that the SDK doesn’t is the IDE

@howardf64 at the end of the day, all we need is simplicity. It looks like your appliance would be simpler for your team. Not so? :smile: