Developing the Order Entry application.

The following tasks need some clarification

OEUI-278 OEUI-283

The conversations in these tasks are not concluded yet. We would love to have clarity on how to implement this tasks.

cc @jeiddiah @mogoodrich @daramola98 @desmond @dkayiwa @ddesimone

Do you mind stating what exactly you do not understand and hence need clarification for?

@rotimi, for OEUI-278, @jeiddiah and @rhenshaw56 recently did this for the lab workflow OWA. You should be able to have a look at that codebase to see how it was done, or Jed and Rowland can advise.

For OEUI-283, we needed to be sure the name template is available restfully as mentioned in the conversation here

@mseaton has clarified OEUI-283.

Awesome. Thank you

@rotimi if you need more clarity, the task just involves renaming the order entry app from openmrs-owa-orderentry to orderentry which means changing the name in package.json from openmrs-owa-orderentry to orderentry and changing the app entry point in config.json from http://localhost:8080/openmrs/owa/openmrs-owa-labworkflow/index.html to http://localhost:8080/openmrs/owa/labworkflow/index.html and also the application title here also, check out this PR Feel free to ping me if you need more clarification.


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Good day all, We are working towards releasing the order entry application this coming sprint and we would like to get a checklist of things that should be in place before we carry out this process. Apart from bug fixing, we would like to know if there are other tasks that needs to be completed.

I would also ask that we all take some time to run through the features that have been implemented and create a ticket if any bug is found.


cc @dkayiwa @rotimi @mseaton @mogoodrich @ddesimone @jeiddiah @rhenshaw56 @desmond