Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application

(christopher kalule) #102

Hello awesome people, As we come to the end of sprint 3 let’s choose from these dates which one can be best for our Demo. Vote via this doodle link.

(Daniel Kayiwa) #103

Why did you make it longer than an hour?

(christopher kalule) #104

Sorry for that error @dkayiwa it has been rectified

(christopher kalule) #105

Thank you all for attending the Sprint Demo for OpenMrs OCL. For your feedback and for making this the best opensource community around :slight_smile:

For those who might have missed the demo today, here is a YouTube link for the same.

Bellow is a document that summaries the sprint 3 demo

(Shakira Ndagire Seruwagi) #106

Hey everyone. My team and I are excited to announce the fourth Sprint for Open Concept Lab for OpenMRS. The sprint planning session will be tomorrow at 5pm-6pm EAT. I will update the link 30 minutes to the call. cc @darius @dkayiwa @rubailly @cintiadr @emasys @waweru @shakira210791 @christopherkala @ball @akanter @k.joseph

(Daniel Kayiwa) #107

@shakira210791 did you update the OpenMRS calendar?

(Shakira Ndagire Seruwagi) #108

@dkayiwa I have just updated the event on the OpenMRS calendar because I have no access and had to first reach out to @betty who has access to assist me. At the moment the event is added and I have sent out invites

(Daniel Kayiwa) #109

(Shakira Ndagire Seruwagi) #110

Thank you for the resource @dkayiwa

(Shakira Ndagire Seruwagi) #111

Hello, Please be reminded that the sprint planning call is happening in 25 minutes. Could you join using this link below:

Kyampeire Hadijah{@hadijah315 } Shakira Ndagire Seruwagi {@shakira210791 } Christopher Kalule {@christopherkala } Emmanuel Ndukwe{@emasys } Waweru Mwaura {@waweru } Rurangirwa Bailly {@rubailly } cc @darius @dkayiwa

(Hadijah Kyampeire) #112

Hello community, I hope this finds you well, I would like to bring to your attention that I am facing a blocker while working on ticket which is about paginating OpenMRS dictionaries so that the user can be able to view all of them. This is because the API pagination works for all collections, therefore we filter them before viewing so that only OpenMRS dictionaries are viewed. It has been challenging for me and my team to manipulate the state while paginating since we can not use the API pagination. I therefore request for your support on this in case you have an option that can get us through this as I also continue to figure out the best solution, thanks. cc @dkayiwa @waweru @emasys @shakira210791 @christopherkala @rubailly

(Jonathan Payne) #113

How do you determine what is an OpenMRS dictionary? Is there an attribute? This could probably be added as a URL parameter to the API request and filtered at the API level so that you can use the built-in pagination.

(Hadijah Kyampeire) #114

There is a field called repository_type and that’s where the OpenMRS dictionaries show “OpenMRSDictionary” and the others just show collections. Here is how OpenMRS dictionaries appear.

As for the earlier collections, this is how they appear

(Hadijah Kyampeire) #115

So we are filtering them by checking if repository_type ===“OpenMRSDictionary”, I wrote a function that filters them and puts them in a new array.

(Darius Jazayeri) #116

Thanks for posting this! I’m back from vacation and watched the first part of the demo video. Some comments:

  • The button to create a new dictionary should be on the screen where you’re viewing existing dictionaries. In fact I would prefer you to be viewing your own dictionaries when you choose this, in case you see an existing dictionary that is actually what you’re looking for.
  • Only use placeholder text on a text field or dropdown if it’s going to give meaningful information such as a sample value. E.g. never say “Please choose an option” just have it appear blank.
  • Preferred Source of “others” doesn’t make sense. (I assume this is a placeholder?) It should default to CIEL, but should be a multi-select auto-complete kind of widget.
  • languages: should show “all” languages (or at least a lot more than just English and Spanish)
  • for the owner dropdown, try to make the distinction between individual and org look clearer (either prefixes, or groupings).
    • One option:
      • chriskala (your user account)
      • Organizations
        • Andela
        • OpenMRS
    • another option:
      • chriskala (yourself)
      • Andela (organization)
      • OpenMRS (organization)

(Darius Jazayeri) #117

About pagination, two things:

  1. +1 to @paynejd’s suggestion. It’s tricky to get pagination right and performant on the client side. My original proposal had been that we introduce a new REST API for “dictionary” which natively shows you only the OpenMRS dictionaries. If we have decided not to do this then instead we should add support to the collections API such that the query can ask the server to return only OpenMRS dictionaries.

  2. Also, the Sources screen has infinite scroll instead of pagination. The dictionaries screen should behave the same way. (I.e. don’t want to have infinite scroll on one and “next page” on the other)

(Shakira Ndagire Seruwagi) #118

@darius Welcome back from the vacation. Thank you for the feedback provided. We are going to incorporate these fixes in the sprint and update you accordingly.

(Shakira Ndagire Seruwagi) #119

Thanks @darius for the feedback. We are going to also use the infinite scroll even on the dictionaries.

(Hadijah Kyampeire) #120

Thanks @darius for that feedback, its definitely what we shall do, otherwise welcome back :hugs:

(Hadijah Kyampeire) #121

Thanks @darius ,

  • About the create button, you are very right we shall change that.
  • Also about placeholders, it really makes a lot of sense