Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application

(Bruce Makaaru) #854

No, that was last week.

(Bruce Makaaru) #855

Hello @raff Would you please launch the latest OCL changes to We’ve noticed that it doesn’t have automatic deploys when a PR is merged into master.

cc: @akanter @darius @dkayiwa @judeatu @alexkayabula @danuluma @paulk

(Bruce Makaaru) #856

Hello Community, We’ll be having our weekly OCL sync in 20 minutes. Here’s the link to the call:

cc: @akanter @darius @dkayiwa

(Paul Kayongo) #857

Additionally, is it possible to share the rights to update with members of the Andela team?

@akanter @darius @cintiadr @brucemakallan @judeatu @danuluma @alexkayabula @dkayiwa

(Rafal Korytkowski) #858

Once you log in to CI (Bamboo) you should be able to deploy it at Choose “Create new release from build result” and click “Start deployment”

(Cintia Del Rio) #859

@raff we can also configure bamboo to automate create a release (if you think that’s a good idea)

(Rafal Korytkowski) #860

I’m fine with that. It’s up to the team.

(Bruce Makaaru) #861

The team is fine with this. Thank you.

(Paul Kayongo) #862

We’ve been asked to send out a message informing the community that the application is ready for testing. With this in mind, is it possible to share a timeframe as to when the automation could be complete?

(Paul Kayongo) #863

Hello Community, these are the notes and link demo call held yesterday.

Call Link: Here

  1. We should talk with Raff and work out a way in which the Andelan dev team gets the rights to update the demo server
  2. Post a new talk message on the user feedback discussion informing the community that OCL is ready for testing and inform the community of the known remaining issues if any. Mention Jessica and Ellen in the talk message
  3. We need to get a more experienced backend developer to look into integrating OCL with OpenMRS

@dkayiwa @akanter @judeatu @cintiadr @brucemakallan @alexkayabula
@danuluma @darius

(Darius Jazayeri) #864

Note that this Action Item is for @c.antwi.

  • c.antwi = Cynthia, the TPM
  • cintiadr = Cintia, the Infrastructure Lead

Note that you don’t have to wait for any more automation to ask people to test. You can follow the instructions that Rafal gave a few messages ago to deploy a particular build result to the server for UAT.

(Cintia Del Rio) #865

Hi @paulk

As Darius mentioned, all you had to do was follow the instructions from Rafal to deploy to demo. That said, I tried to change your build, but there are now failing tests (?)

(Cintia Del Rio) #866

So I think your build had left a bad cached file behind for some reason on that agent. I think I managed to clean that up manually.

(Alex Joseph) #867

Thank you @cintiadr

(Paul Kayongo) #868

While logged in, if I hit the link above, I’m redirected to a page with the following splash screen

If I log out and log in again from the same page, while the information rendered appears to be different, I cannot see the “Create new release from build result” option. I have written to the helpdesk requesting for more rights but I thought it wise to keep you in the loop.


(Rafal Korytkowski) #869

Triggered the deployment for you:

It should be now deployed automatically on each build.

(Paul Kayongo) #870

Much appreciated

(Rafal Korytkowski) #871

@paulk, you have a failing test, see

(Paul Kayongo) #872

Noted, we will look into it

(Alex Joseph) #873

Hello @cintiadr, I have noticed that you have run a manual successful build on, could you please shed more light on what was causing the build to fail.

Thank you.

@paulk @danuluma