Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application

Done in

I’ll create demo deployment early next week.


Thanks, @raff for that, we will be looking forward to the deploy.

@brucemakallan, this error behavior is what I expected to see.

Thanks for creating OCLOMRS-480, and make this a top-priority ticket. (Ideally you should be able to have a shared implementation for fixing both editing and retiring/unretiring as part of this ticket.)

Assuming you’re going to do the quick solution on the client side, please also:

  1. create a github issue in about support for having a collection references automatically update when concepts in one particular source are edited (i.e. the preferred back-end solution to this problem)
  2. create an OCLOMRS JIRA ticket for tracking the github ticket.
  3. have them both link to each other in comments/description

I have created the GitHub Issue 549 on the API repository, and ticket, OCLOMRS-481 for the client side. They are linked through their descriptions and comments.

Please confirm whether will be the same google hangout we will use for all future OCL-OMRS Synch calls and sprint reviews which will be on Thursdays at 7am EDT/9am CDT/10am EDT/5pm EAT

Do you want me to prepare stg for CORS?

As its state from the Demo link these Hangouts links expire after some time and the call may not be recorded if it has been created long before the actual call. So that’s why its may not be posible to setup the one call for every meeting because we may end up not having records of some of the call.

Hello @darius ,

Wanted to know why we only show two classes on the Dictionary stats page that is Diagnosis and Procedure and the others are under Others. This was pointed out to me by @dkayiwa.

Hello @akanter, I have a ticket here I want to run past you.
It’s about partial searching. I have managed to make the implementation work, however, I have a few edge cases where I think it gets hard to implement.

Case 1: If we intend to search for Acquired Immuno deficiency, typing acq imun def would bring the result back. So tick.

Case 2: If we intend to search for say Acquired Malaria, typing acq mal would result in bringing

  • Acquired Immuno deficiency
  • Acquired Malaria
  • All terms that contain Malaria or similar word in them
  • All terms that contain Acquired or similar term in them

Is case 2 alright in case it happens?

cc: @dkayiwa @darius @judeatu @brucemakallan @alexkayabula @paulk @florentina @tbirungi

Hello community, Here is the link to join the Sprint 16 Demo Call (5 pm - 6pm EAT) its starts in 15 minutes.

cc: @dkayiwa, @shine, @collinewait, @samdiano, @sheriff, @brucemakallan, @judeatu, @ayesh, @c.antwi, @darius, @akanter @paulk @danuluma

No, I believe all partial words must be included in the result strings. Acquired immune deficiency might return if there is something with MAL in the description (such as malignancy), but it should not be returned if there is no word with MAL* anywhere in the indexed words.


@akanter thank you for the feedback. This has been shifted over to the backend team.

cc: @paynejd

I would assume this needs to have the same CORS settings that we settled on for the qa server we’ve been using.

Hello @raff,

Do you still need the <script src="./env-config.js"></script> in the public/index.html because it keeps throwing this console error when we run the app locally.

This is because locally we do not have env-config.js.

Please help clarify.

Yes, it’s needed. I didn’t notice it was gitignored and never committed. Fixed in

@cintiadr, I think it’s ready, however I’m not sure, if I did everything right, so please double check.

@judeatu, could you please verify, if is working as expected?

I still need to load the full CIEL there, which I plan to do tomorrow.

Looks pretty correct to me @raff :slight_smile:

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@raff, When I created a new dictionary, added concepts and moved to the dictionary page then refreshed the page, the app broke yet it works well in qa. This is shown in the screenshot below.

@judeatu, I can see that is correct. How come your app is using QA instead?

Please rephrase that I didn’t get that.