Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application

(Josephat Mwaura Waweru) #42

Thank you all for participating in the poll of selection of the Demo date. From the polls, It is clear that the most feasible and most convenient date for the demo is 18th of May 2018 5pm-6:30pm Africa/Nairobi time. Here are useful links to the project: The demo hangouts link: Sprint Board:

Looking forward to seeing all of you on the call. cheers!

(Darius Jazayeri) #43

Looking forward to it @waweru and team! I have added this to the OpenMRS calendar.

(Note that these demos are typically scheduled for 1 hour, not 90 minutes, so others might find that easier to fit in their schedules. That said I’m happy to stay on for 30 more minutes wearing my Product Owner hat, e.g. to help with prioritization for the next iteration.)

(Darius Jazayeri) #44

Nobody seems to be able to join this call. Can you resend a working link?

(Josephat Mwaura Waweru) #45

Hello people remember that we are having our OpenMRS OCL Sprint One demo running from 5pm-6:30pm

Hangouts link:

cc @dkayiwa

Notes for running a sprint demo using google hangout
(Wyclif Luyima) #46

I still can’t join, says the room is full

(Josephat Mwaura Waweru) #47

Sorry Wyclif, we will brainstorm and come up with a solution for this.

(Josephat Mwaura Waweru) #48

Thank you all for attending the First Sprint Demo for OpenMrs OCL. For your feedback and for making this the best opensource community around :slight_smile:

For those who might have missed the demo today, here is a YouTube link for the same.

(Hadijah Kyampeire) #49

Thanks @waweru for sharing

(Josephat Mwaura Waweru) #50

Hey everyone. My team and I are excited to announce the second Sprint for Open Concept Lab for OpenMRS. The sprint planning session will be today at 5pm-6pm Africa/Kenya. Here is the Sprint Planning Link.

cc @dkayiwa @darius

(Daniel Kayiwa) #51

This seems to clash with the OCL sprint kick off meeting which was already on the OpenMRS calendar. Did you just add yours to the calendar today?

(Hadijah Kyampeire) #52

Yes that’s what we did because personally I just learnt about that calendar. Next time better

(Hadijah Kyampeire) #53

Thanks to those of you who attended the sprint two planning for OCL. This is to inform you that this sprint officially starts today. For those who missed the sprint planning call, here is the YouTube link capturing the call.

(Darius Jazayeri) #54

@hadijah315 just a suggestion, I would share the list of stories that have been selected for this sprint. (I assume more people would want to quickly peek at a snapshot of that, versus watch the whole video of the meeting.)

(Hadijah Kyampeire) #55

As we begin sprint two, attached is a link to the wiki documentation showing details of the developers team, the Team lead, Sprint Lead and the tickets that will be handled within the sprint. cc @dkayiwa @darius @rubailly @kodero @waweru @shakira210791 @christopherkala @emasys

(Hadijah Kyampeire) #56

Yes @darius I have shared the wiki doc with the stories that will be worked on. Thanks

(Hadijah Kyampeire) #57

Below is a snapshot of tickets for sprint two in case you missed the call.

(Darius Jazayeri) #58

Thanks for sharing this snapshot @hadijah315. We should still include OCLOMRS-3 in the sprint, and use this a the driver for proposing and creating a new REST endpoint.

Also, I think that OCLOMRS-23 and OCLOMRS-24 need to be reworded. I assume these mean “search for concepts in an existing source” and “search for concepts in an existing collection”? It would help to phrase these in the form of a user story: “as a dictionary maintainer I want to search in the CIEL dictionary so that I can find concepts to add to my own dictionary”. This will make it clearer both the dev team and to an observer why we’re doing this. (And if it’s not clear from an end user perspective why I’ve suggested to work on that during this sprint, you should ask!)

(Edit: and I think in OCLOMRS-24 it should say “OCL” not “CIEL”.)

(Hadijah Kyampeire) #59

I tried to work on rewording and I have also seen the comment on the ticket for changing to HashRouter, it was brought up by one of the Team members though they did not share more information, I will add the description once I get clear information about the story

(Mohit Dhamdhere) #60

Hi Guys,

Can you please share the QA link for the environment here? This will help us play around in the environment and understand things better

(Josephat Mwaura Waweru) #61

hey @mohitd we are on the final setup stage. We will share the QA link for the environment immediately everything is up and running, we hope to do this before the next demo.