Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application

(Bruce Makaaru) #571

Thank you for the responses

(Bruce Makaaru) #572

Hello @darius , @akanter , @ball , and @paynejd.

Would you please let me know what the minimum number of characters should be for a search query in OCL?

For example when searching through CIEL concepts as shown below:

cc: @dkayiwa

(Ellen Ball) #573

@brucemakallan wrote:

Would you please let me know what the minimum number of characters should be for a search query in OCL?

Most places in OpenMRS allow for a minimum of 3 characters for a search query.

(Bruce Makaaru) #574

Alright. Thanks. I’ll make that adjustment first thing tomorrow.

(Godswill Onuoha) #575

Hello @darius, @akanter,

This is a reminder of the weekly sync (Fridays 6pm - 7pm EAT). I will share a link to the call 15minutes before the call. kindly attend if you can make it.

cc: @dkayiwa, @shine, @collinewait, @samdiano, @sheriff, @brucemakallan, @judeatu, @ayesh, @c.antwi

(Godswill Onuoha) #576

Here is the link to the call (Weekly sync)

cc: @dkayiwa, @shine, @collinewait, @samdiano, @sheriff, @brucemakallan, @judeatu, @ayesh, @c.antwi, @darius, @akanter

(Darius Jazayeri) #577

Sorry I missed this today. I hope Andy made it.

It turns out that Friday is the worst day for me in this time slot. Were there any other options from the doodle poll?

(Andrew Kanter) #578

Unforunately I also missed it due to a dentist appointment :(. I should have called in from the road, but forgot. Sorry.


(Godswill Onuoha) #579

Hello @darius, we couldn’t hold the sync as @akanter couldn’t make it too.

Other options in the doodle poll are Wednesdays 6pm - 7pm EAT and Thursdays 6pm - 7pm EAT.

cc: @shine @collinewait @samdiano @brucemakallan @judeatu @c.antwi @dkayiwa

(Colline Waitire) #580

Hello @darius, during our last syc we received feedback that the preview modal that shows a concept should be showing set members and answers. Currently, the modal shows mappings among other attributes as shown in the created wireframe and how it was implemented(containing hard-coded mappings).

When creating a Q and A concept from the dropdown option below, A concept is created with a class type of “question”. There is also an option of adding answers(which are mappings to other concepts) and mappings(Showing relation with other concepts and I think it may not be an answer) to this Q and A concept. Unfortunately, both mappings and answers(which are also mappings) are all contained in the mappings array on the concept and I am not aware of a way to differentiate them. If there is a way to differentiate them, I have thought of a design shown below having both answers and mappings. Another thing that is confusing me is that also answers contain similar relationships(Same As and Narrower Than) as other mappings. Another concept that I need clarity on is “set members”.

(Colline Waitire) #581

cc @dkayiwa, @akanter, @ball, @sheriff, @stonecoder, @judeatu, @brucemakallan, @samdiano, @shine

(Andrew Kanter) #582

For set members, there is no need to describe relationships. Unless you are differentiating between answers and set members in the same object, there is no need. I might consider changing the header whether it is Q/A versus Set. I will point out that CIEL has taken advantage of some as both Q/A and a set, and the current OMRS interface allows you to flag a Q/A concept as a set.

(Colline Waitire) #583

Hello @raff, I am unable to filter by multiple concept classes and data-types from this endpoint I have tried to filter both test and drug concept classes but I only receive test results as shown below.,test

I want to enable the selection of more than one class or data types on the page shown below while consuming that endpoint.

cc @dkayiwa, @akanter, @stonecoder, @judeatu, @brucemakallan, @sheriff, @samdiano, @shine

(Rafal Korytkowski) #584

Hi Team,

It’s getting hard to follow up on OCL issues here (the thread has almost 600 posts!). Could you please create issues for OCL API or WEB at

Please label them with openmrs (find labels on the right side).

(Andrew Kanter) #585

Just to be clear, there will not be any concept flagged as both a TEST and DRUG class. If you are just testing the query interface, then OK.


(Darius Jazayeri) #586

The context is that the back ends for OCL and OpenMRS have different internal representations for question/answer and set/member. We need to make the UI represent these in the OpenMRS way.

Therefore we need to hardcode special handling for relationships of these two types. (Also note that this should apply everywhere in the app not just on this page, so please write shared code for this.)

In other words if there is a making whose type is q-and-a then this should not be displayed as a mapping in the UI. Instead, all mappings with that type should be displayed in a separate place. And, the display of those q-and-a mappings should be different because the user doesn’t even know they are “mappings” under the hood. You should only display the name and id of the related concept.

I’ll try to find time to mock something up, but it has been tough. Does this begin to make sense?

(Colline Waitire) #587

I wasn’t requesting for a concept with both TEST and DRUG class. I wanted the returned results to contain concepts having TEST class and also concepts having Drug class.

(Colline Waitire) #588

Thanks, it makes sense @darius. @raff, I have created the issue here

(Andrew Kanter) #589

I presumed that filters were additive, not that there was an implicit “OR” between them. I think there should be some standard convention to use here. Darius?

(Godswill Onuoha) #590

Hello @darius,

Wednesdays (6pm - 7pm EAT) and Thursdays (6pm - 7pm EAT) are two other options from the doodle poll regarding the weekly sync with OpenMRS OCL implementation team.

Can any of them fit in your schedule?.

cc: @akanter, @dkayiwa, @collinewait, @shine, @judeatu, @samdiano, @c.antwi