Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application


The link has changed. Please use this one;

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I created a new thread for user/tester-centric discussion. This thread should continue to be used for dev-centric discussions.

Makes sense, I couldn’t stop to investigate or barely login to my laptop these days.

We sure can, but it will bring the current machine down and recreate it.

I can do it any day, but there will be downtime.

@cintiadr, please go ahead and do it whenever time allows,. Thank you!

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Hello community

We shall be having a sprint planning session today between 6:00 EAT and 7:00 EAT, I will be sharing the sprint planning call 30 minutes before it starts. Kindly attend if possible.


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I’m increasing the machine size and recreating it now:

Server was recreated (from scratch). All previous data was deleted, except for data stored in S3.

Let me know if there’s any problem.


Hello community

As I had earlier communicated, here is the link to the sprint planning call we will be holding between 6:00pm to 7:00 pm.

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Hello community

I am excited to inform you that we just got done with the 13th sprint planning call. I would like to thank all those that attended this session. For those that were unable to attend due to certain circumstances, here is a link to the sprint planning call we had.

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@abulojoshua1 as I mentioned in the call, please make it ultra-top-priority to find some example concepts in the qa database that are CIEL concepts with mappings. This would involve querying the mongodb database.

If you don’t find any, then please make it top priority to work with @paynejd to get some added.

(@tittoh was asking about this on

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Thanks, @darius, I will check out the MongoDB database whenever possible. The only problem I have right now is how I can access that database. I am not so sure of where and how I can get access to the database and maybe make some queries to it.

You can use the global mappings search in the old OCL interface to find a CIEL concept that has mappings.

Thanks @paynejd, I will try that out!

Hello @paynejd

Hope this finds you well. Apologies for the delayed communication here. I used the global mappings search in the old OCL interface to find a CIEL concept that has mappings but I cannot seem to find any. Kindly help me out in any way possible.

Taking a look at, there are no external mappings. Only Questions and Answers and Sets. Something broke in the script that creates the sample data.


Hello community

The API does not get the total count of the data received. This makes it difficult to implement pagination. I will like to know if the backend team can assist with this. @dkayiwa @abulojoshua1

The ocl-api adds an empty/null concept to a dictionary when one tries to add a concept with an ID that does not exist (adding multiple concepts) e.g: …/orgs/CIEL/sources/CIEL/concepts/44 (where there is no CIEL concept with ID 44)

Can this be handled on the API ?, returning an error if the concept one is trying to add does not exist. I believe handling this on the ocl-client will be computationally more expensive. See comments on JIRA

Hi John, Andy-

It looks like there are not any mappings in the sample CIEL dataset other than Q/A and concept sets as Andy said. It appears that we need to update our approach to populating QA with sample data, but in the meantime can you just add a couple of sample resources?

Thanks, Jon

Hello community, I have not gotten any response from the backend team on this issue. As it is a blocker preventing me from implementing my task OCLOMRS-373. Can the backend team assist by adding total count to this API response?

@shine as far as I know there is no regular backend team, and certainly nobody who is closely watching this thread. Please try to ask your question more specifically, and @ paynejd and raff, and they can comment on whether fixing the back end is feasible or not. I.e. you just said

The API does not get the total count of the data received. …but you didn’t say if you’re talking about a specific API call, the entire API or what.

Also, is this really a blocker? The point of OCLOMRS-373 is that (1) the screen should work after fetching only one page, and (2) additional concepts should be fetched page-by-page (because there are 60,000 concepts in the real CIEL dictionary, and no user will ever manually click through many pages, so we don’t want to overload the API by needlessly loading tens of thousands of concepts. It’s possible to implement paging even like “showing results 30-49 of (unknown)”.