Developers : Join our Platform 2.0 Beta Sprints

Hi Dev’s Thanks for all the amazing work on Platform 2.0 so far. :thumbsup:

Currently there are 2 ongoing sprints

There are not many open issue hence we are targeting to complete them in a week. If you need more information on anything regarding these sprints, feel free to ping @raff, @dkayiwa @wluyima or me. Also, feel free to share your daily development updates via scrum meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you on a sprint and an awesome dev week ahead. :smiley:

Hi Dev’s!

The following issues are up for grabs : (some of them are intro, so new comers check them out!!)

Looking forward to see you on the sprint :slight_smile:

@maany i looked at the sprint schedule, as any newcomer would, which led me to a sprint dashboard that does not have all the sprint tickets. Do you think you can combine the tickets into one board? If you cannot do that, can you at least include the two boards on the sprint page?

@dkayiwa just to clarify, you want us to merge sprint dealing with REST-WS tickets with the [Platform 2.0 sprint] ( tickets?

yes. (The up to 10 characters nightmare!!!)