Developers Forum Recording 2016-03-03

It’s not clear where I can find the recording of the forum held Thursday, March 3. I would like to see the audio/video of the session. Thanks, Barry



The Bad News

Audio recordings aren’t always helpful for Dev Forums like this when people have shared screens and shown demos and the community doesn’t have an convenient way to record video of Uberconference forums.

The Almost Good News

I recorded the call using ScreenFlow and uploaded it to YouTube yesterday… but the upload failed.

The Good News

I will try uploading the video again tonight and will embed it on the 2016-03-03 Developers Forum page when it’s successfully uploaded to YouTube.

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Hi Burke, Many thanks for your help/efforts! Several folks have expressed interest in the recording so I’ll pass it along to them once it’s uploaded. Barry

Well, after a few tries, I finally got the video successfully uploaded to YouTube®:

As promised, this video is also available on the 2016-03-03 Developers Forum wiki page.