Developers Forum 2017-03-23

Reminder there is a developers forum this Thursday at 10am US/Eastern. Here are the topics for the forums in the coming weeks:

  • 23 - Uganda EMR Update @ssmusoke
  • 30 - OpenSRP Update @maimoonak
  • 06 - ThoughtWorks/Bahmni Update @bharatak @darius
  • 13 - “Crazy Ideas”: no rules, what crazy approaches/technologies could disruptively improve OpenMRS development @darius

To join the call and screen sharing, go to

@ssmusoke, this Thursday’s Dev Forum is an opportunity to update the developer community on Uganda EMR – i.e., what working, what’s not working as well, what things in the developer community are helping Uganda EMR, and what things could the dev community change to make the Uganda EMR team more successful.