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I just wanted to know what are the conditions that you must fulfill to pass the dev1 quiz since I did almost all the questions correctly I guess, because most of them were from the guide but I still didnt pass the quiz and I didnt get any specific reason so as to why I did fail or what criteria I violated . Are there any time boundations under which you have to complete the quiz or any minimum number of questions that you must do correcty??

@dkayiwa @mozzy

@cintiadr , can you provide us with the quiz results here??

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Thanks @mozzy for your prompt response. but I think It would be really convenient if we get the quiz information after evaluation of the quiz itself.

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@saurabh When did you write the quiz and what time?

I did it yestarday around maybe 1:00 Pm IST and day before yestarday as well .

Then surely @cintiadr may help you know the reason

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Hi @saurabh

You didn’t input the correct issue regex.

(The URL must match the pattern ‘{ticket}’. If you have claimed multiple issues, just list the first you claimed.)

Yours was instead of, so it couldn’t evaluate.

I copied the last result, edited that field, and rerun. You should receive your badge soon :slight_smile:


Thank you @cintiadr got the mail :star_struck:


congrats @saurabh Hope to see you fix more issues…cheers


Congrats @saurabh :smile: