Developer Stage Upgrade for Stephen Senkomago Musoke!

Hi everyone,

Basing on the activities that @ssmusoke has been doing in the community, i feel that he no longer fits in his current shoes of a /dev/3. I therefore propose that we upgrade him to a /dev/4. Does any one object? Or have alternative suggestions?


Unambiguously +1 :slight_smile:

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i totally agree, @ssmusoke is super fit for this upgrade :slight_smile:

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Well deserved +1

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i agree with the idea @ssmusoke is a super hero for me

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Thank you all for accepting this proposal. I have upgraded him. Who is in charge of giving him the badge? Is it @burke? :slight_smile:

i thought maybe someone on the infrastructure team, possibly @pascal

I think the badge in Talk is automatically assigned based on GitHub team membership, but I’m not sure why it hasn’t happened yet. Any ideas @burke?

Actually, @dkayiwa, it’s you! Add him to the /dev/4 group (remove him from /dev/3) and the bad will arrive within a day.

Oh thanks for the reminder @burke :slight_smile: I have just moved him from the /dev/3 to the /dev/4 group. Let us wait for a day to see if the badge will have travelled and reached safely! :smile:

Sorry for being late to respond, but it’s a well deserved upgrade, thanks Daniel for noticing it!