Developer JIRA FAQ out of date?

As far as I know, there is no method to manually unassign myself from an issue I have claimed on JIRA. However, the JIRA FAQ on the developer wiki says that there is an “unassign” button. If this information is indeed incorrect, should I edit the wiki page to remove that statement?

@codefreely, the “Unassign” button only appears if you have claimed an issue that was READY FOR WORK by pressing the “Claim Issue” button (switching the ticket to In Progress).

I see you assigned to LUI-147, which has the status READY FOR WORK and TRUNK-5487, which has the status NEEDS ASSESSMENT.

It looks like we might need to add an “Unassign” transition to every status to make this work (i.e., to allow people to unassign themselves at any point in the workflow).