Developer Forum Topic Suggestions

Each Thursday, the OpenMRS Developer Community has a Developers Forum, where anyone interested in OpenMRS development can join to discuss and share ideas. The topics discussed are driven by the participants of the forum. Several times a year, we will have a “Topic Fest” within the forum to decide on candidate topics to discuss over the next few months. While the ideas in the Topic Fest help create a straw man agenda for the weekly forums, we are always open to adjusting the topics to meet community needs.

This is your forum. You get to drive the agenda. If you have suggestions for agenda topics for the Developers Forum, join the forum and make your suggestion, or describe your suggested topic here and we’ll work to get in on the schedule.


Poking his old post from @burke as I’d love to hear if anyone has suggestions for topics for future Developer Forums. We have some 30min time slots and 60min time slots open. Feel free to post your suggestions here and we’ll get them on the schedule.

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Hi, my name is Serghei, I’m with KMRI project. We have a Laboratory module that will be demo-ready by the end of February. I was wondering if we could demo it? We would require about 60 minutes together with the Q & A at the end.

We also have a functioning Vaccinations module that we could demo on short notice. ~30 minutes with Q & A.

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Hi @assimilator. We have a 30 min time slot open @10am ET on 3 March for the vaccination module. Would this work with your schedule? The next 60 min time slot we have is @10am ET on 7 April for the laboratory module demo. Would this also work with your schedule?

@jthomas, both will work great for us, thank you!

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Today we hosted a Topic Fest on the developers forum. For those who could not make it please feel free to post your suggestions here and we’ll get them scheduled.

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