Develop the EHR system to insert the patient details

Here I’m trying to develop the EHR system with the help of Open MRS software. Foe that I have to download open MRS as a core development or what?

Did you get a chance to look at this? Or do you want a more complete distribution like bahmni?

actually I want to make a mobile app connect with the EHR. So I’m planning to use open MRS software to develop EHR. So is it better way to use open MRS. Actually I’m new to this open MRS software. Can you give me suggestions how to start to develop EHR system ?

yes like bahmini .

Why don’t you just use bahmni?

I read survey papers and mostly they used Open MRS software. so my project guide suggested to use this software. Can’t I use Open MRS?

Bahmni is OpenMRS, in a sense that it is simply one of the distributions of OpenMRS.

It is in fact the most complete EHR distribution.

Okay. Then I should have to download Bahmni or Open MRS or both together or what? because as I told you I have to upload the patient data by using this open source software and develop the EHR system. After the develop the EHR system , then develop the mobile app connected with this Open source software.

If I want to develop this software as a open MRS distributor then what should I do?

Did you take a look at this?