develop new module

Hello is it possible to develop a new module, and add it to bahmni. as in the case of openmrs. Concretely, I want to develop a teleconsultation module, based on webRTC.

yes u can , just make use of the sdk @moro

see Creating a new module creating a module

Yes, it is possible to develop new modules and add them to Bahmni.

The Bahmni philosophy would actually be to identify an existing open-source product that addresses this use case, and to integrate it. (E.g. like has been done for lab, ERP, and radiology.)

I don’t know if there are any suitable open source teleconsultation tools, but I’d certainly suggest searching for this first!

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Hey has anyone thought of integrating it with signal api for providing video conferencing functionality to doctors and patients.

Anyway if someone is looking for the same what would be his starting point/approach.

Thanks in advance.

@ravi991 does that mean the patient would have to use a Signal account?

No I meant to ONLY integrate their video call functionality ( into Bahmni. There is no need to link any app with Bahmni.

I just came across one application which provides video conferencing between doctors and patients ( Sometimes it’s hard for patients to come visit doctor in person and in that case it might be a suitable option to arrange a video call.

Plus Signal provides very high level of encryption i.e it protects your meta data along with user’s data.

There is one more option, on similar lines, for integration -

All of these are open source projects.

But then, you envision for telemedecine sessions to be recorded and saved as part as the patient record?

Otherwise any side tool would do, Whereby, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, you name it.

Exactly, that would be saved as a tag to encounter, visit OR patient record. We have lots of open source projects on this line which can be integrated

It’s an interesting idea, I just don’t know how “ok” it is to record a telemedicine session and attach it to the patient’s record, from the patient’s standpoint of course.

Anyway how complex is this idea? If I were to plan to go ahead what would be my starting point. Secondly, even if we were not to save these sessions, wouldn’t it be good to have a video call feature.

But that entails patient to also have access to Bahmni application. I guess as of now it’s not there. Along side what about someone wishing to have a look over his/her lab reports.

Are you talking about a patient portal to their health record? That feels to me like a better idea, however pretty complex because there are obvious security concerns.

About recording the telemedicine sessions and record them -say- as a complex obs. Sure, why not, if it does not infringe any kind of patient privacy rules of course.

Hey Dimitri,

I have integrated Jisti with one of my web application (by hosting server locally). It’s working fine. Could we start with Jitsi integration into Bahmni (Video conference option on the front page) if it’s fine with you.

If we move ahead with simple idea of video conferencing (let’s say a doctor wants to have video conferencing with one of his seniors) and not recording or storing anything anywhere.

Hi @ravi991, which front page exactly?

Page where we’re showing all apps available to user.

So not the Bahmni landing page, but the Bahmni EMR apps page?

yeah (it’s showing other options Atom Feed Console, Report etc.) it’s something from where things could easily be kicked off. Right? Or if you have anything else in mind.

No I just wanted to confirm.

That screen is configurable, you just need to override the appropriate config file in your own setup.

Yes that’s the thing but provided configuration is only limited. Right?

What do you mean by “provided configuration”?

With that I can go about adding another option as

"videoConferencing": {
    "id": "bahmni.conferencing",
    "extensionPointId": "org.bahmni.home.dashboard",
    "type": "link",
    "url": "...",
    "icon": "fa-video-camera",
    "order": 9,
    "requiredPrivilege": "app:admin"

Would that be sufficient to integrate Jitisi?