Designing Add-on manager login

Hello everyone, We saw the need of designing a login page for the add-on manager. Below I have attached one of the designs we have worked on.We’d really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on this to make it even better and more appealing

@dkayiwa @patrick @malmike @justmesam @ebuka @elbertbiggs360

  1. Add the list of login locations
  2. Why change from Login to Sign In?
  3. Add a link to “Can’t Login” for any assistance that may be provided

Great job implementing the login feauture however, here are a few things you could take note of.

1 The Sign In text below the OpenMrs logo is barely visible.

2 I am curious to know why you have the orientation layout in a portrait view because that would seem like a design for mobile

@ebuka I will change the sign In text colour immediately

@annette I don’t think the first ‘Login’ is necessary, the button is self-explanatory IMO.

What is this for btw?

OWAs should not be incorporating their own login screens; rather, the login screen should be provided by the platform.

Fortunately, we just discussed this on last Monday’s design forum and even talked about having Andela sprint on it.

/cc @dkayiwa

It was just a floating text.But I now realize that I didn’t actually need it.Thanks @mksd

I personally like the bahmni login screen