Design Time to Unblock Reference Application 2.9 Release

Continuing the discussion from Propose a Design Forum Topic:

Description: The issue tracking page has been carried forward for several releases and has gotten outdated (e.g., module ownership). Reuban (release manager) does not have the information he needs to decide on which modules to prioritize for RefApp 2.9 or who the correct contact for getting modules released. Darius & Burke did an initial pass at cleaning up the ownership information. We need to gather a group of seasoned developers to help decide on what can be feasibly done to get RefApp 2.9 released soon. The goal of this meeting is to provide @reubenv with a clear path forward for module changes to include with RefApp 2.9 .

Required Attendees: @reubenv, @burke, @darius, @dkayiwa. Would like to have @mogoodrich and/or @mseaton, @ssmusoke, and any module owners or prospective module owners who can join. (Please take the Doodle poll below in the next 24 hrs)

Desired Dates: Next available time slot where we can get a quorum.

@burke it looks like October 31 :jack_o_lantern: will work for @reubenv, @dkayiwa, @mogoodrich, @mseaton, @ssmusoke, @ruhanga. I will add it to the design forum calendar.

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