Design time for How do we define an “active” order as a search parameter for the Order service?

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Required Attendees:@mogoodrich, @darius, @burke

Desired Dates: September 12th or 17th

@dsurrao, note that @k.joseph is planning another topic, so, if you are going to choose the same date, please make sure both topics can be covered in an hour; otherwise, please coordinate with @k.joseph to avoid a conflict.

Once you have found a time that enough people can attend to make it a productive conversation, let us know so we can announce the time. It’s best to get the scheduled topic announced 24-48 hours or more before the forum to give folks fair notice.

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@burke our desired dates for the design forum are the 12th and the 17th… if there’s already a topic scheduled for the 12th that’s fine and we can push our out, we were going off the schedule that still shows both days open and defer to @jthomas on the actual scheduling.

For what it’s worth, I think the main person we’d need is you, and potentially Darius, but I believe you have the strongest opinion/vision on how orders should work.

Take care, Mark

fyi @jthomas i expect this discussion to be about 30-45 mins. Thanks.

@mogoodrich @dsurrao to make sure there is plenty of time for your topic I am going to put you on for the 17th.

Great, thanks @jthomas!

@mogoodrich, @burke, @darius, I’ve updated the agenda with some talking points for today’s discussion:

Thanks, Dominic

Thanks @dsurrao!