Design Time for FHIR Module Resource Mappings for Diagnostic Reports

Continuing the discussion from last week’s Design Forum, the FHIR Squad would like to have another Design Forum for a deep dive into resources for diagnostic reporting.

  1. Title. FHIR module Architecture, Resource Mappings and Version Support
  2. Description. The FHIR squad would like to present the current FHIR module architecture and mappings for the resources which have been developed thus far. FHIR resources are flexible and some resource definitions don’t have direct mappings to the OpenMRS data model and we would like come to a consensus upon the mappings which we are implementing (particularly within the lab workflow and microfrontends work) and an approach that will support multiples scopes of work within the larger OpenMRS community.
  3. Attendee(s). @ibacher, @pmanko, @grahamegrieve, @jdick, @burke, @angshuonline, @mseaton, @dkayiwa, @ssmusoke, @janflowers, @mksd, @akanter, @morrisng, @ggomez, @corneliouzbett, @jecihjoy, @caseynth2, @rossumg, @hamish, @mogoodrich. We would like to also request the attendance of any technical leaders of implementations/organizations eager for greater collaboration on FHIR.
  4. Desired timing. Please fill in this doodle poll: