Design Lab Test Form using latest CIEL Concept Dictionary - RefApp 2.6

I am trying to design the Lab test forms using CIEL Concept Dictionary. I need your help to identify the concepts from existing CIEL Concept Dictionary and if does not exist we should add the missing concepts in newer version of CIEL Dictionary release.

Here is the form of stool examination,

In above Stool Examination form I could only find following relevant concept:

  1. CIEL:163641 - Color of stool

cc: @akanter

For Urine Analysis Form I could find following relevant concepts,

  1. Urine color - CIEL:162106
  2. Urine Color (Text)
  3. Odor
  4. Appearance
  5. Specific Gravity
  6. Protin
  7. Urine bile salt test - CIEL:161444
  8. Gulucose
  9. Bilirubin total presence in urine by test strip - CIEL:163680
  10. Urine PH - CIEL:161438
  11. Urobilinogen presence in urine test - CIEL:163682
  12. Urine Ketone Test - CIEL:161442
  13. Others
  14. Leukocyte casts (W.B.C) urine test - CIEL:163693
  15. Spore presence in urine test - CIEL:163688
  16. Red Cells (R.B.C) Test - CIEL:163683
  17. Bacteriuria test - CIEL:160735
  18. Epithelial casts urine test - CIEL:163692
  19. Yeast Urine Test - CIEL:163686
  20. Mucus
  21. Trichomonas vaginalis presence in urine sediment by light microscopy - CIEL:163689
  22. Casts presence in urine sediment by light microscopy test - CIEL:163696
  23. Schistosoma Eggs
  24. Crystal Urine Test - CIEL:163695
  26. Urine test result - CIEL:160987

cc: @akanter

@hpardess did you take a look at this page?