Design Improvements on the New Condition Cohort Definition

In solving the Blocker on ConditonList for
Cohort Builder Owa ,i came up with a solution and created this Ticket.

So far i have done this work in this PR , but i would need more design inprovements on this feature , so that the ConditonList Project can get completed as soon as possible and we have it included in ref app 2.10 release .

N.B i used SQLQueryBuilder instead HQLQueryBuilder in the ConditonChortDefinitinEvalutor to avoid a few issues that i encountered when using the HQLQueryBuilder . see ticket comments for more Details

cc @mseaton @darius @burke @mksd @dkayiwa @k.joseph @haripriya @c.antwi

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@mseaton , @dkayiwa @mksd , i created a new Pr here

What i have done

  • Added subModule api2.2
  • Created ConditonCohortDefinition class and add Tests
  • I used the HQLQueryBuilder for the ConditonCohortEvaluator

So this needs urgent review and merging ,since its feature to be included in ref app 2.10 for @haripriya to finish up her work
cc @herbert24 @c.antwi @haripriya