Design guidelines for a new "badge" in Talk

Hello , community , as we create design tasks for GCI , do we have any documented guidelines for designing a new badge for talk that can be used to guide these students?? Thanks

cc @suthagar23 @jennifer @burke @dkayiwa

What do you mean by ‘designing a new badge for talk’?

I think @mozzy means these badges

I’m working on a short list of links about using OpenMRS logos so that students do not put things in the logo or alter the logo in any way according to the documented policies

This way all design tasks will have these listed on the bottom :slight_smile:

@suthagar23 i mean designing a new logo for the bagde , like the badges we already have

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yes @uzanysa , exactly , thats what i mean

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I looked on for some guidance. Didn’t find much. Most default badges use font awesome icons. Those for which we use icons are, I believe, using 100x100 pixel png.

FYI - I’m not sure if we can change any badge’s icon. While we might be able to, there’s a chance that some “out of the box” badges for Discourse aren’t easily changed.

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Thanks @burke for that infomation , thats what exactly i needed. The tasks i created are not necessarily for changing the existing badges , but to create(design) new badge icons , probably at one time we may choose to use some of those new badges. Example i created a task to design a badge icon for "Aluminium Anniversary" that would be granted to an active openmrs member who had been around for 10 years in the community

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