DESIGN FORUM 2019-09-11: Concept Creation and Management Community Advice sought

The Nigeria team is working on deploying a single EMR across all ART sites in the country using OpenMRS. The number of sites is very large about 1000+ some primary health care centers, secondary and tertiary care. We need advice on how we can manage concept creation so that when we create an OpenMRS module, it can work on all instances without need for code modification. Taking into consideration the following facts;

  • We want to be able to create modules that can work on all instances without changing codes

  • We also want hospitals to take ownership of the EMR and be able to add Hospital specific forms and concepts without us acting as dictators. Locally created concept should not interfere with the functionality of our modules .

  • We have already uploaded the CEIL dictionary on the base version for distribution but we need a very flexible protocol that will allow hospitals to add hospital specific forms and concepts without having to go through lengthy bureaucracy.

Join us on Wednesday 11 September at 6pm UTC on

@brightoibe @jobby @ggomez @akanter @darius @paynejd @maurya @herbert24 @mozzy @ssmusoke @aojwang

Ref: Concept Creation and Management Need Your Advice


I plan to be on and will discuss CIEL and the new OCL for OpenMRS functionality.


A gentle reminder to all regarding our call this Afternoon at 6pm UTC on Uberconference

@akanter @ggomez @dkayiwa @brightoibe @jobby @paynejd @ssmusoke @aojwang @paynejd @maurya @herbert24 @mozzy @burke @janflowers


@c.antwi please confirm if this call will be at 9pm EAT. I am being cautious because I missed the scrum of scrums due to time conversion. Thanks

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@aojwang Yes you are correct. The call will start at 9pm EAT


@brightoibe @ggomez @jobby We are waiting for you on

Thank you for organizing the call. I learnt a lot.

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Unfortunately i wasnt able to join the call. @c.antwi can we have a link to the design notes ??

As @c.antwi gets the notes, below is the audio recording:

unfortunately I missed the call. @dkayiwa thanks for sharing audio recording, I will go through the audio later. As the IPs take the lead, we should all understand that there are private firms like ours who have strong background in Openmrs and may want to do more with Openmrs than ART.

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Hey Everyone

@brightoibe we will schedule a call for Monday September 30 2019 4pm UTC

Is everyone who needs to be on that call available during that time?

It is a holiday here and I am home with the kids… I might be able to listen in, though!

Apologies everyone ! This was posted in the wrong thread . It was meant for the Data migration thread.