DESIGN FORUM 2019-09-09: Microfrontends: Community Review of Patient Chart Design

Hey Everyone

The Microfrontends Design team lead by @gschmidt are finishing up work on patient search and are actively starting the design process for Patient Chart. This is perhaps the central feature used by OpenMRS users. It is critical that we get input from as many implementers as possible to ensure we are meeting your needs. We would very much appreciate feedback on the initial layout that Greg has been working on. It can be seen here:

The first feature we will likely build into the patient chart is a “Patient Summary”, this is a snapshot of key information which will initially be shown to the user. This is similar in essence to what the ref app shows when you click on patient via search.

Please join us on our next Design Forum next Monday September 9 at 4pm UTC session to provide input or join the ongoing design effort.

@gschmidt @jdick @joeldenning @fali @jecihjoy @ssmusoke @mksd

Call will be hosted on

Ref: UX Design Updates for OpenMRS Flow / Micro Frontends


Reminder that this Design Forum is happening today! Please join us!

@gschmidt, Figma may be very useful for design and for developers to work with the design; however, it’s not the most intuitive tool for getting an overview (at least for someone who is unfamiliar with Figma). Is there any way to export a Figma view (or portion of a Figma view) to a PNG or PDF that could be shared as well for quick overview of the concept?