Design Forum 2019-07-01: Addition of Vaccines Feature to RefApp 2.10

Good Morning Everyone !

Our next design forum session will be discussing Adding vaccinations to the RefApp , an ongoing discussion that is taking place in the current release activities of Ref 2.10.

We look forward to engaging the community to explore the different options that are available and how we could identify a suitable version that could be brought into the core.

@mksd @ball @akanter @ssmusoke @mozzy

All are Welcome!

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Thanks @c.antwi for this post. The feature may not necessarily be put in the core , it could be put in another module or a new module . Could you please specify the time for the call to remind me. Thanks

Is this happening this Wednesday? That is not a lot of time to arrange calendars and I am unable to make it. I can make it Monday at noon EDT.

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@akanter 2019-07-01 is next Monday , not this wednesday.

@jesplana any chance you can make it? It’s at 6pm CEST on Monday :-/

Call is Happening now on

Please join us

cc @mksd @ball @akanter @ssmusoke