Design Forum 2019-04-15: OpenMRS Flow mtg 3

The next Design Forum is Monday 15 April, 2019 @ 16:00 UTC

9am Seattle | 12pm Boston | 4pm UTC | 6pm Cape Town | 7pm Nairobi

Meeting Agenda [link] | Will continue work on OpenMRS Flow, with majority of conversation around desired technical architecture & how we may use FHIR.

Join with:

@burke @wanyee @jdick @chris @jennifer @mseaton @mogoodrich @ssmusoke @gschmidt @c.antwi @isaacholeman @jteich @janflowers @jesplana @mksd @lilian @bistenes @jteich @k.joseph

we can get it recorded, that time slot is already busy for me and would only be able to review the recording, thanks

Yes, will post recording

I’ll have to miss this one (working one of the medical tents at a very cold and wet Boston Marathon). I’ll hopefully post some info in the Workflow thread this weekend. Have fun –

Meeting Video