Design Forum 2019-04-15: OpenMRS Flow mtg 3

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(Gregory Schmidt) #1

The next Design Forum is Monday 15 April, 2019 @ 16:00 UTC

9am Seattle | 12pm Boston | 4pm UTC | 6pm Cape Town | 7pm Nairobi

Meeting Agenda [link] | Will continue work on OpenMRS Flow, with majority of conversation around desired technical architecture & how we may use FHIR.

Join with:

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(Kaweesi Joseph) #2

we can get it recorded, that time slot is already busy for me and would only be able to review the recording, thanks

(Gregory Schmidt) #3

Yes, will post recording

(Jonathan Teich) #4

I’ll have to miss this one (working one of the medical tents at a very cold and wet Boston Marathon). I’ll hopefully post some info in the Workflow thread this weekend. Have fun –

(Gregory Schmidt) #5

Meeting Video