Design Forum 2018-10-01: EHR UX Re-Design - Concept Demo

Today’s design forum is from 4-5 pm UTC:

EHR UX Re-Design - Concept Demo

Description: At AMPATH we are in the process of creating a concept re-design of our EHR user interface.

This will help provide a common framework and goal to move towards as we build new features.

The EHR is growing from the needs of outpatient HIV care, to serve multiple clinic types. An all purpose EHR design is needed.

Users have expressed the need for something that is very easy to use. It has to run on tablet, Chromebook, and phone. It has to be able to separate data and workflows by system (eg HIV, Diabetes), while at the same time be able to seamlessly provide care to patients with multiple issues at once. As an internist I am particularly interested in the ability to multitask and view high density patient data while concurrently writing orders & notes. The interface has to easily scale with minimal configuration as new clinic types and workflows are added.

Goal: We are looking for feedback from the community on the mockups, so that we can continue to improve them before building an interactive prototype.


Attention: All interested. @burke @mseaton @darius

To join the call using Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing please use a WebRTC-compatible browser (Chrome recommended) and join the OpenMRS UberConference call:

The next design forum on Wednesday, October 3 @ 6-7 pm UTC - Review and discuss object mappings mentioned in Sync 2.0 FHIR Object Mapping

If you have a topic you would like to discuss during the call please post it at

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s OpenMRS Design Forum on EHR UX Re-Design and thank you Dr. Gregory Schmidt for doing such a wonderful job of demonstrating your thoughtful concepts for EHR UX Re-Design!

For those who missed today’s forum, I would encourage you to watch Greg’s demonstration.

If you are in a rush, you can adjust the playback speed to watch it in half the time. Trust me, you’ll be glad you watched it! Greg presents a very thoughtful approach to a progressive EHR design.

Notes are available here.

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Greg published his EHR Design Mockup here:

He also published a high-resolution YouTube video demonstrating the EHR UX Re-Design:

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I am just bringing this back up to the top of mind

@jdick Any chance you or members of your team will be at the OpenMRS Conference in December to help hash out a few more concrete way forward details? Is there any preliminary work that needs to be done to drive this forward?

Yes, we will be sending our team there. It will be a good opportunity to strategize.

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