Design Forum 2018-07-25: Oncology Module

Wednesday’s design forum will discuss the Oncology module. Please join us from 6-7 pm UTC.

To join the call using Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing please use the latest Firefox, Chrome, or other WebRTC-compatible browser and go to:

The next design forum on Monday, 30 July @ 4-5 pm UTC - OPEN FORUM

Recording here:

Do we have an service that would autotranscribe these recordings? That would be awesome :slight_smile:

You could click on the vertical ellipsis on the right and download the mp3, convert it to a video and upload it to YouTube. After 10 minutes or so, YouTube will produce closed captions automatically. There are free services to automate the process like tunes to tube; however, you need to pay for files over 50 MB or to avoid their watermark.

For example, I uploaded this recording to YouTube using tunestotube, gave it a while to process and it generate this transcript: