Design Forum 2016-11-02: OPEN FORUM

Wednesday’s design forum is an OPEN FORUM. If you have a topic you would like to discuss please post it here and join us from 6-7pm UTC.

The next design forum will be on Monday, November 7 from 4-5pm UTC - OpenMRS Strategic Goal #2: Reference Application @hamish @burke @terry @darius @janflowers @jteich

We were intending to discuss using OCL for OpenMRS drug formulations with @jteich on Monday’s forum.

Is that really the only time for the objective #2 discussion?

-Darius (by phone)

@darius @jteich sorry I didn’t know about the OCL discussion. Can OCL possibly be moved to this Wednesday or next? I only ask because I know @hamish can’t do Wedensday’s and I’m anticipating low participation, if any, on calls the week of November 14-18 due to AMIA. Let me know what you guys think.

@jteich is doing research for this topic this week, so I don’t know if he’d be ready to discuss it tomorrow.

(We have a team of ThoughtWorks developers that is depending on us doing this design work in the next couple weeks, so personally I would prioritize this topic over the strategic objective #2 topic, if it’s to happen in a design call, but @burke would be the one to make the call on that.)

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Well, let’s make sure we have this straight. I actually have the goal #2 discussion on my calendar for 12:00pm ET on Monday – that was the result of some negotiations or Doodle or something among the participants – while the design meeting is now at 11:00am ET, because US Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend and the design meetings are pegged to UTC.

Does this sound right to others? If it doesn’t we may have confusion about the goal #2 call because Hamish’s daylight time isn’t the same as ours… @burke @terry @hamish @janflowers @darius

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So you are correct the design call is at 4-5pm UTC / 11-12am ET starting Monday. At 12pm ET we have a PM call so there would not be one call about OCL and then another about Goal#2. It sounds like OCL should take priority and we should push Goal #2 back to 11/21. Let me look into this and I will get back with you all ASAP.

I agree with the priority of OCL.

Goal #2 is obviously important as well. Do we have an agenda or specific objectives for the Goal #2 call? Or are we just gathering virtually to talk about Goal #2, hoping we’ll move it forward? Maybe we could start that conversation (if we haven’t already) asynchronously in a Talk topic and reschedule that call. If there are specific questions about Goal #2 that need an urgent voice conversation, then we need to choose, find a way to split the call, or take up some of the PM call time.

I would guess it’s not urgent (compared to OCL) so agree with reserving the 4pm UTC design call for OCL. Re goal #2, I infer that the conversation is to re-energize it: to review previous work and new insights / plans (from Hamish? Terry?), start to solidify the main decisions (demo app? flexible template app? basic starter app?) and move toward an action plan. Hamish and others can certainly correct this.

OCL for OpenMRS drug formulations has been formally scheduled for the Monday, November 7 design call. Participants for the conversation to take a deeper dive into Goal#2: Reference Application as a follow up from the August 18th leadership call should see an email this afternoon to reschedule this for after AMIA.