Design Forum 2016-06-06: Nutrition

Monday’s design forum will be around nutrition. If you have a topic you would like to discuss please post it here and join us from 4-5pm UTC. @terry @aaronmc @jamlung @tomgriffin The next design forum will be on Wednesday, June 8 @ 6-7pm UTC - OPEN FORUM

This session will present the work that we have been doing on undernutrition, including the requirements document ( SRS), some proposed wireframes for data, and insights into what we have learned about undernutrition in 0-5 yo children. We will make sure that all of our documents are posted after the call. Please join if you are interested, as we welcome your review , comments, and input to make this work better… @terry @aaronmc@jamlung

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@terry are there any wiki links or Talk posts you can reference for people to review before the call?

there are many; Joe and Aaron can post or send to you. Will follow up with them