Design Forum 2016-05-16:Provider Role and Create Provider account inconsistent & Concept Attributes

Today’s design forum will have two topics; 1. Provider Role and Create Provider account inconsistent 2. Concept Attributes. If you have a topic you would like to discuss on a future design forum please post it here. @ayeung @k_joseph @akhilmalhotra

The next design forum will be on Wednesday, May 18 @ 6-7pm UTC - OPEN FORUM

Just noticed that i had forgotten attending this one, let me watch for Wednesday, did not see any many notes to be updated at:

@ayeung @k_joseph should we reschedule this?

No need to reschedule. We covered this in the second half of Monday’s design forum. We assigned Ada and AMPATH some work to do. Basically, they went through a painful process of switching from relying on the user role of “Provider” to using the newer OpenMRS 1.9-era Provider. They think that having better tools to make the transition will same a lot of time for other implementers.

The devs on the call agreed completely, and think that Ada and other AMPATH implementers are the best positioned to define what tools and documentation would have made things easier.