deploying changes on bahmni Embedded tomcat server

Hi, I installed Vagrant bahmni box on my development machine, after that I tried stop and start Tomcat server but always I was get “service is not recognize”, was strange the bahmni is working find and there is no any Tomcat server is running, then I started digging in deep I found that the bahmni component deployed with Embedded Tomcat server.

I want to know how could I deploy the new changes (new WARs) into embedded servers ? do you have a wiki talking about embedded tomcat configurations for bahmni ?


You are right @abushaikh82. We moved over to embedded tomcat model, so that each component in Bahmni can be installed seperately, and libraries of one component don’t clash with libraries of another component. It also allowed us to create well named “services” which indicate which component is running and where. It also allows for individual upgrades of components without requiring everything to be upgraded at once. Please have a look at the Bahmni December 2015 tech report for details:

All components are installed inside /opt folder on CentOS. You can put the war file (inflated) in the appropriate location depending on which component you are modifying. For instance for OpenELIS, the location is /opt/bahmni-lab/bahmni-lab. See these links:

Navigating the file system

Deploying WAR file for OpenELIS

@gsluthra thank you very much for quick reply , What I understood is no needs for WAR files, just I have to EXTRACT the WAR (using archive manager) in the appropriate location for the component that I modify. is it right ??

Thanks a lot

Yes. That is right.