Deploy to qa-refapp task in Distribution 2.x is disabled

@raff could you be knowing why the task that updates the qa-refapp server with the latest changes is disabled?

Are you looking at this Reference Application - Distribution 2.x 12866: Build result summary - OpenMRS Bamboo
Updating to the latest changes, Do you mean Releasing new changes to the qa server ?

@sharif the job that deploys the changes to qa-refapp is disabled.

I’ve enabled it back. I needed to disable it during the docker build migration.


I noticed it was using a wrong image. I need to adjust it. I’ll let you know once ready.

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I noticed it was using a wrong image.

Thanks @raff for the updates. Is this guy the root cause ?

It’s working again.

@kdaud no, it was caused by Dockerizing development and deployment of OpenMRS

Thanks @raff for fixing the issue.