Deploy changes from a forked repo

Hi everyone, I’ve successfully installed Bahmni in a EC2 server from AWS. Unfortunately, with this guide How to - Install Bahmni on AWS, I’ve only managed to install the vanilla Bahmni code. I was wondering whether or not there is a recommended way of installing the code from a forked repository I’ve modified.I’ve thought of using rpm’s as a default deployment method, however I’m open to suggestions.

@sommardahl @ronald721hn

That depends on the repo and the output. Whether its omod, rpm, config, etc.

(Assuming you are using Bahmni installer script)

  • If its an OMOD, then you can just drop it in the modules folder. (bahmni installer also has an option to deploy omod from either a local path or public http url like git release)
  • If its config, same approach as above. just point to a different github URL (release or zip)
  • If its a specific rpm, then, (e.g. bahmni-reports), just write a custom script which will install it the way you want it.
  • additionally, you can turn certain options off (e.g. bahmni-reports) in the inventory file, and then use your custom script to pull a rpm and install it yourself. For that, you may consider adding a different repo and using your version of bahmni-reports rpm.

If you are not using the bahmni-installer script, then its totally upto you.

Do let us know what you have worked on and why? maybe others have similar requirements as yours.