Demo Server Unstable

Of late, the demo server has been unstable with times when it even fails to start OpenMRS. I have noticed that it at times has modules which are not part of the reference application (most likely cause of the instability) as you can see examples like radiology here:

Since its web interface is configured not to allow installation of modules, could it be that some one is using other means to upload modules to it? Like via REST?

@cintiadr @burke

@dkayiwa I guess there are other ways to upload a module. One such method is possibly using this OWA.

That must be it. Thanks @reubenv for pointing it out.

@suthagar23 can you use this to prevent the upload of modules? We did this for the Andela addon manager owa.

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@suthagar23 you could use this end point:

Thanks @dkayiwa for pointing it out. Let me check it

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That’s the same security hole that exists if uploading modules via the UI were enabled…all someone would have to do is know that this is enabled and BAM, they uploaded a module…

Just started work on this @dkayiwa :

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Great @suthagar23 . If you have it ready soon enough, it can be part of the next release :slight_smile:

Not only this, I hope to put a new version 1.2 along with the Ref App 2.9 :smile:

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