Demo: Same UUID for several Relationship Types?

Hi all,

If you look at the demo, you will see that the first 4 Relationship Types:

  • Doctor/Patient ,
  • Sibling/Sibling ,
  • Parent/Child , and
  • Aunt/Uncle/Niece/Nephew

have all the same UUID: 8d91a3dc-c2cc-11de-8d13-0010c6dffd0f (looks like the fifth one has a different UUID). What is this, am I missing something?

I was trying out MDS packages import with our new Initializer module and I stumbled upon MDS complaining about duplicates when importing the package containing the Relationship Type changes:

org.openmrs.api.ValidationException: 'Doctor/Patient' failed to validate with reason: duplicate.relationshipType

@mksd Check the first 8 characters - they are the ones which are different.

  • Doctor/Patient 8d919b58

  • Sibling 8d91a01c

  • Parent/Child 8d91a210

  • Aunt/Uncle 8d91a3dc

Also there is a unique index on the uuid column

Blindness… my bad. Thanks @ssmusoke!

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@mksd no worries. We all black out once in a while. :smile: