DEMO Common Lab Module

Hi how can I find a Demo [Common Lab Module] ?

Which server are you using? SDK or standalone?

HI standalone server , but still I didn’t install .

I just want to see all the options we need is it available in MRS .

Thank you

To confirm the modules we have start the server - System Administration -Advanced Administration - manage modules. you will see all the lists of modules in openmrs

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Sorry about it. This is the list of modules openmrs has per now.

For Laboratory is there any module ?

did you hava a look at this

is there a way I could have a demo for it ( Common Lab Module)?

cc @herbert24, @f4ww4z and @suthagar23 kind help here

just have a look at this

Hi I have already checked that but is there a way could have the Demo ?

we need to check some options which is not showing .

just pull the code from git,build it then deploy the .omod file in your in an openmrs instance

HI @herbert24 hope doing great kindly asking your assistant we installed but having issues with activating a module .

check out manage modules under system aadminstration

Just a follow up! was your issue sorted out?

Hi @shant,

Sorry I just came across this post. I’m one of the contributors for this module. We don’t have demo for this but you can find all the information on the wiki link which is shared earlier by community members.

Please let me know how can I help you further?

Hello @tahira I installed this module on reference app anytime I try to edit test results openmrs gives error

Hi @jahswill, could you please be more specific? What is the error you’re facing?

Sorry for the delayed response.

It gives Http Status 404 Not found Type Status report Message /open Mrs/ Description The origin server did not find a current representation for the target resource or is not willing to disclose that one exists