Definitions: Strategy, objectives, goals, tactics, etc.

When chatting with @terry today we realized that we hadn’t operationalized definitions for some of the terms in or organizational development work and how the terms relate to each other. Keeping in mind that all of these efforts flow from our values, mission, and vision, here’s a little workflow we came up with for how things relate:

Values :arrow_down: Mission :arrow_down: Vision :arrow_down: Strategic Objectives (1-6) :arrow_down: (Measurable) Goals :arrow_down: Tactics :arrow_down: Tasks

We hope this is useful for those trying to better understand the concepts. :smile:


Thanks, Michael - this is helpful.

I think the starting point for the Objectives groups was Goals/Tasks, so it’s good to think about Tactics being inserted in there.

Listing specific Metrics, as a part of stating a Goal, is also a good practice, though it doesn’t fit so neatly into the hierarchy. Helpful, though to think about what we’ll measure, and how we’ll measure it, as well as what tactics we’ll use, to achieve a goal.

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FYI: I just heard that we have switched the position of “objectives” and “goals” in the list above. So keep that in mind when reading other materials that have been produced lately and that will be produced in the future. :slightly_smiling:

  1. Values
  2. Mission
  3. Vision
  4. Strategic Goals 1-6
  5. (Measurable) Objectives
  6. Tactics
  7. Tasks