Decision Support System Use Case / Diagram

Assallam ALL!
Please help me, I am searching for use cases or diagrams representation of decision support system (DCS) of OpenMRS and Bahmani.

I have look at this topic on this group but not found useful.

@gulraiz, OpenMRS does not have a decision support service.

An implementation in Indianapolis has built a system called CHICA that defines decision support rules in Arden. You can google for that. (I think this is the code.)

This wiki page from 2010 describes a few ways that people were trying to achieve DSS-like functionalities in OpenMRS back then.

In case you weren’t able to find it, the notes from that 2015-05-04 call are here.

Here are two other threads that may or may not be useful:!msg/dev-archive/mJs-JynF0qE/MYjNI1ugjnsJ

thank you all.

@darius @pascal I have to design diagram for CDSS. PLEASE Can you look at this and guide me? It will be a great favour. Point out changes i need to do… PLEASE !