Deault Admin Username & Password Not Working for Standalone Version

I downloaded a 1.11.6 standalone version of Openmrs, unzip and run it. As expected I was presented with three options to choose from, I decided to go with the “Demonstration mode” option. The app went about its business of initial setup just fine until it was done. The strange thing is when I accessed the application via the browser, the system would not let me in with the default username & password. I am assuming the default username & password for admin user are “admin” & “Admin123” respectively without quotes.

Is there something I missed in the installation steps? Something I should have done that I didn’t?

It turns out I have to use admin, test combination.

@willa I’ve faced this issue earlier and usually happens when there was some kind of failure during initial-setup of the application and application server was restarted later.