Dead End links in OpenMRS university

Hello OMRS developers,

I am new to OpenMRS and am looking to learn things on it and contribute to the community. So as most people must have done I have stumbled across OpenMRS university and it is a great initiative !

But most of the links are broken. Is there a way to access them, like are they stored somewhere? Would be real helpful to me (and also to any other new comers).

Thank you for you time !

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Welcome to the community am glad you chose openmrs. Its not a must you go through openmrs University to begin contributing though at your free time you can check on their tutorials for they are so educative.

Have you by chance checked on this link? it will give you an insight where to begin from.

We look forward for your contribution.

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Yes, I have been following that, thought that the tutorials might be helpful but yes I think it will just be fine.

Thank you for your time. Great to be here !

With the tutorials you can download them from you tube and follow them once to avoid breaking.

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@myheadbands, You may want to have a look at some here :slightly_smiling_face: ,

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