De-Identified Database of PIH Malawi module

Where Can i get the de-identified backup for PIH Malawi module? @mogoodrich

@beingtmk see my comment on the other thread…

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Yeah, I’d like to test all the components used in APZU, There are a lot of components in the open-mrs- components library which i am not able test because i don’t have a database and i do not have enough experience with java to work directly with Rest APIs.

Thanks @beingtmk!

I checked, and we don’t actually have a version of the PIH Malawie database that is 100% de-identified, so we really can’t give that out… however, I believe we do have a “starter” DB dump without any patient data that we should be able to give you… I will look more into this later this week…

Take care, Mark

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