DCM4CHEE running in local environment, intellij

Hello, I am trying to build dcm4chee in my local environment(Intellij). I am using jdk 8. when I am tryring to build ,all module is building perfectly except dcm4che-imageio… How to resolve it.

** If I am removing the above module from pom, then everything is working fine. Means, build is showing success. Then I have integrated jboss wildify with the project. server is connected successfully. But not working accordingly that I ran in vagrant.

How to solve it. Thanks

Share the full logs via pastebin.com

Could you provide the url to the repository to advice accordingly?

The url provided points to sourceforge hosting the released version of the module. Are you able to provide rather the url to the github repository for the module?

I got the link from here… https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/1867786/List+of+Repositories+needed+for+Development+on+Bahmni

search: dcm4chee

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